Smart Mobility #1

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of a city’s various forms of transportation services into a single mobility platform accessible on demand. The concept was invented a few years ago to remedy urbanization challenges, caused by car ownership: CO2 emissions, congestion, long lead times of infrastructure investments and well-meaning but operationally isolated mobility services (hire bikes, scooters, cars) replacing existing mobility infrastructure and services and increasing rather than decreasing the number of vehicles.

Smart Mobility is about facilitating different transportation services and creating new business models and opportunities for companies who develop transportation services to citizens, visitors and organisations. Such a mobility platform needs to support all types of urban mobility related services, multi-lateral business relationships, data integrity, financial transactions and be agile, secure, robust and scalable. MaaS is an alternative to car ownership and has the potential to enable fast and efficient scaling of new sustainable services, reduce congestion, alleviate transport capacity and be the best value proposition to the consumer.

Come join us for the inaugural Get On Top Of SMART MOBILITY, be inspired by and connect with companies working at the cutting edge, exploring innovative MaaS solutions and technologies.


At THINGS we have taken on the task to rapidly get individuals on top of hot and talked about technologies that we believe matter. Our Get On Top Of event series aims to give you a rapid understanding of what the technology actually is, what it can be used for and how to get going. On stage, you will find people who are knowledgeable, have actual experience and also understand that you don't inspire people with a sales pitch. 

We are calling entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises, developers, students, academia, government and anybody else who are interested and want to get on top of things that matter. We offer 100 free seats at a first come, first served basis.

 We open the doors 17.30, start presentations 18.15 and close the doors at 21. We always offer a bite and a drink during these events and warmly welcome everyone who wants to sponsor this or have a standing table for demos. Contact us at

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Ingrid af Sandeberg
Arthur D. Little

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Martin Vendel
Interim Management Educational Director at EIT Urban Mobility

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Maria Folkesson
Founder and co-owner of Cityzapnow AB

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Petra Dalunde
COO Urban ICT Arena

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Niclas Sahlgren
Founder & CEO EWAYS™

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Julian Lee
CEO at Airmee

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Jonas Jepson
Chief Product Officer at Tantalum

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Caroline Hjelm
CMO at VOI Technology

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Agenda for the event : 

  • 17.30 Doors open 
    18.15 Introduction
  • An overview of Smart Mobility
  • Panel discussion
    21.00 Doors close

On stage: To be announced

Tickets: This event is free of charge and first come first serve. 

Metro: Tekniska Högskolan

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